US politician Tulsi Gabbard Speech on Ukraine Video Goes Viral

Tulsi Gabbard’s Video of Her Ukraine Speech Goes Viral On YouTube and Twitter: WATCH: Tulsi Gabbard’s Video of Her Ukraine Speech Goes Viral On YouTube and Twitter:

Tulsi Gabbard was driving up to Ukraine to start a conflict, according to reports. Tulsi Gabbard, a former Hawaii Democratic Congresswoman, has urged Vladimir Putin to stop invading Ukraine, following her previous defence of Russia. Tulsi, who represented Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district in Congress from 2013 to 2021, took to Twitter to call on Putin to stop the violence. Because it is clear that both the Russian and Ukrainian peoples desire to live in peace, I respectfully request that you end this assault before it reaches a point of no return, resulting in unspeakable suffering.

Video of Tulsi Gabbard’s Ukraine Speech

Mr. Putin, Mr. Zelensky, and Mr. Biden, I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for all you have done for It’s time to set geopolitics aside and embrace the spirit of aloha, respect, and love for the Ukrainian people by agreeing to keep Ukraine neutral. There is no NATO or Russian military alliance in the area. In the non-Baltic borders, neither Russian or NATO soldiers were deployed. This would allow the people of Ukraine to live in peace and be free of mental tension.

She attempted to defend Putin previously. She attempted but failed to stop the war. She attempted numerous times, but every time she approached Putin, he refused. He had a reason for not finishing her sentence. Another reason was that Russian forces had already been expanded and were approaching Ukraine’s border. Putin has made it plain that their security is at danger in this situation, in his opinion. They also do not want to see troops from the United States and NATO. Putin has also stated that Ukraine is not the country in question. It’s a piece of a little box that can be folded, taken, held, or destroyed.

In addition, he claims that he does not consider Ukraine to be a country. When it comes to some regions of the country, he becomes egotistical. As you may have seen from several videos and reports in the web media, Putin is taking Ukraine’s rules and regulations very seriously. He’d already made up his mind to fight. The Russian and Ukrainian peoples are currently in a precarious position. They are unsure of what to do in such a case. Gabbard also felt that the Biden administration wanted Russia to invade Ukraine so that punitive sanctions could be imposed by the US.


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