Piacenza & Video Giorgia Meloni Original Viral Video of a Ukrainian Girl Being Rap*ed

Numerous intelligent persons who shared his interest in the distribution of the video’s size watched the videos by Giorgio Meloni and Piacenza. Many internet users are naturally interested in the new rap*e video that startled the world recently and caused outrage. The administrator will discuss Giorgio Meloni’s popular videos on this occasion, which are currently … Read more

Russia is ready to meet with Ukraine in Belarus for negotiations.

On Sunday, a Russian team landed in Belarus for talks with Ukraine, according to a Kremlin spokeswoman published by the Ifax news agency. These are the first talks between the two countries since Russia began its invasion on February 24. Dmitry Peskov, a Russian spokesman, said the Russian team, which comprised representatives from the foreign … Read more

Russian troops enter Ukraine’s second-largest city.

On the fourth day of fighting, Russian military vehicles advanced into Ukraine’s second-largest city, and explosions shook oil and gas facilities. Fire was heard and Russian soldiers and armoured vehicles were seen in various parts of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s northeastern city. In a video released by the government, a burning tank was visible. According to a … Read more

Russia and Ukraine military power Comparison, including army and weapon details

Power comparison: Russia vs. Ukraine Russia has launched a multi-pronged operation against Ukraine’s military infrastructure and major cities, including air and missile strikes as well as ground forces. Ukraine was thus compelled to defend itself on multiple fronts, claiming that its frailty exacerbated their disadvantage. A malware attack that appears to have been planned for … Read more

Who is Anastasia Lena Miss Ukraine? Joins Army photo goes viral

Anastasia Lena is gaining international notice in the middle of the Russia-Ukraine crisis. You’re probably wondering who this woman is and what she’s done to garner so much attention. Let us tell you that Anastasia Lena is a former Miss Ukraine who has supposedly joined the military in order to defend her nation from Russian … Read more

Russian – Ukrainian troops Street fighting in Kharkiv video goes viral

This latest video / vlog uploaded today on ” The Sun “ twitter, dailymotion, YouTube Channel in Full HD. The Topic of this video was ” Russian – Ukrainian troops Street fighting in Kharkiv video goes viral ” Watch Video: Following violent street combat, Ukraine has taken “complete control” of the country’s second largest city, … Read more

US politician Tulsi Gabbard Speech on Ukraine Video Goes Viral

Tulsi Gabbard’s Video of Her Ukraine Speech Goes Viral On YouTube and Twitter: WATCH: Tulsi Gabbard’s Video of Her Ukraine Speech Goes Viral On YouTube and Twitter: Tulsi Gabbard was driving up to Ukraine to start a conflict, according to reports. Tulsi Gabbard, a former Hawaii Democratic Congresswoman, has urged Vladimir Putin to stop invading … Read more

Civilians in Ukraine can ‘freely’ leave Kyiv, Russian army

As the Russian invasion reached its fifth day, the Russian army announced Monday that Ukrainian residents could “freely” leave the country’s capital, Kyiv, and that its airforce ruled the skies of Ukraine. “On the Kyiv-Vasylkiv highway, all residents in the city are free to depart the Ukrainian capital.” In televised remarks, Russian defence ministry spokesman … Read more

Following the invasion on Ukraine, the EU puts sanctions on Putin

BRUSSELS – Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the European Union (EU) has put President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to its sanctions list. Two EU officials said on condition of anonymity that Germany and Italy have added Putin and Sergei Lavrov to the EU sanctions list during a meeting of EU foreign ministers … Read more