Unofficial Results: Key Constituencies Define Pakistan Election 2024

The conclusion of the nation’s largest-ever general election has set the stage for a riveting political landscape, as vote counting begins to reveal the initial unofficial results. This article delves into the emerging trends across various constituencies, showcasing the diverse range of candidates leading the charge, and highlights the stringent security measures implemented during the extensive polling process.

Election Dynamics:

NA-3: Independent candidate Salim-ur-Rehman has surged ahead with a commanding lead of 373 votes.

NA-44: Ali Amin Gandapur, an independent candidate, has captivated voters, securing an impressive 3556 votes.

NA-46: Anjum Aqeel Khan of PML-N is leading the race with 101 votes.

NA-64: Chaudhary Salik from Q-League is making strides with 252 votes in his favor.

NA-103: Independent candidate Muhammad Ali Sarfaraz is leading the pack with a substantial 530 votes.

NA-119: Maryam Nawaz of PML-N has established her dominance with 318 votes.

NA-122: Independent candidate Latif Khosa is making waves with a solid lead of 567 votes.

NA-151: Abdul Ghaffar from PML-N has garnered significant support, leading with 341 votes.

NA-157: Syed Sajid Mehdi of PML-N is ahead in the race with 332 votes.

NA-172: Javed Iqbal Waraich, an Azad hopeful, has captured the lead with 340 votes.

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Ensuring Security:

Security arrangements were robustly implemented, with a collaborative effort from the police, Rangers, and the Pakistan Army to fortify polling stations. A total of 5,254 candidates contested for 265 National Assembly seats and 591 Provincial Assembly seats, making this election a monumental event in the nation’s democratic history. The polling window, open from 8 am to 5 pm, facilitated a smooth and accessible voting experience for the electorate.


As the nation eagerly anticipates the official results, these preliminary figures underscore the dynamic and inclusive nature of the electoral process. The diverse array of candidates reflects the democratic spirit of the country, and the final outcome will undoubtedly shape the future course of the nation, guided by the collective voice of the electorate expressed through their votes.


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