Don’t Miss Out: National Assembly Seat Results Live

Decisive Moments Unfold as Vote Count Begins in Pakistan's National Assembly Elections

As the curtains draw to a close on polling activities across the National Assembly’s 266 constituencies, the anticipation escalates with the commencement of the vote counting process, marking high stakes for the nation’s largest province. With over 128 million registered voters, including 69.2 million men and 59.3 million women, the electoral landscape witnessed a significant … Read more

Unofficial Results: Key Constituencies Define Pakistan Election 2024

Historic General Election Sees Diverse Results Across Constituencies

The conclusion of the nation’s largest-ever general election has set the stage for a riveting political landscape, as vote counting begins to reveal the initial unofficial results. This article delves into the emerging trends across various constituencies, showcasing the diverse range of candidates leading the charge, and highlights the stringent security measures implemented during the … Read more