Ukraine War Attack Bombing Video Combat Footage goes viral

WATCH: Video Combat Footage of the Ukraine War Bombing Reddit is a social media platform where people may discuss anything. Invasion of Ukraine by Russians in 2022:

Videos The tensions between Ukraine and Russia must be well-known to you all. This disagreement is gaining international attention, and if it is not resolved soon, the globe may find itself in a World War III position. A video has surfaced on the web in the most recent development of this incident. A quill of black smoke billowing out of a burning car on the tarmac of what seems to be a military runway appears in a blurry smartphone video circulated widely on Twitter early on Thursday morning (24th February 2022).

Over the sounds of shattered glass and rubble crunching beneath his foot, the man holding the camera can clearly be heard breathing heavily.

Invasion of Ukraine by Russia in 2022 (Videos)

The viral video, which was first uploaded on a Ukrainian Telegram channel, was confirmed and published on Twitter by a 25-year-old Amsterdam-based user named Thomas van Linge. The footage, which van Linge posted online, showed “total wreckage” following an explosion at a military base in Lutsk, western Ukraine, about 90 kilometres from Poland’s border.

It appears to be some of the first evidence of the day that Russia’s assault on Ukraine was limited not just to the nation’s south and east, but also to military sites all around the country, even those within a few kilometres from a NATO member’s border. Another video posted by van Linge on Thursday morning purportedly showed Russian military trucks moving north from Crimea into Ukraine. The source of the video footage was almost definitely a public-facing CCTV camera aimed on the peninsula’s main thoroughfare.

Attack video from Ukraine

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine became public in the early hours of Thursday morning, van Lingw and hundreds of other OSINT experts combed through the tens of thousands of recordings that had emerged from the country. The acronym stands for “open source intelligence,” a field of social media analysis that has risen from obscurity to become a central feature of modern war reporting in the last ten years, as social media and electronic gadgets have allowed videos, pictures, and other data from war zones around the world to spread.

Video of Putin’s War Declaration

These researchers work together through a loosely structured network, most of the time centred on Twitter, to authenticate the whereabouts of the recordings and gather the first public information about a rapidly-changing scenario on the front line of Europe’s most dangerous military in 80 years. They share these proofs with the world in real-time on the web, competing with traditional newsrooms.

Bombing video from Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia are at odds, resulting in a number of deaths and injuries among both nations’ citizens. The Russian people are already protesting the attack, according to reports. Ukraine has been invaded by Russian forces. As a result, Russians are currently being detained.

Ukraine War Videos

Over 1,700 anti-war demonstrators have been detained in 54 Russian towns. The Kremlin’s security agents detained 957 individuals in Moscow on Thursday. Thousands of people were observed on the streets of Saint Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, although this isn’t specified here. Even the most well-known or famous personalities in Russia have spoken out against Moscow’s attempt to seize control of its neighbour.

Ukraine Reddit Battle Footage

There have been various side consequences of the conflict, one of which is in front of Yelena Kovalskaya, director of a state-funded theatre in Moscow, who came to Facebook and said, “difficult to work for a killer and get paid by him.”

Reddit: Ukraine War Footage

Yekaterina Kuznetsova, an engineer, remarked, “This is the most embarrassing and dreadful day of my life.” My country is on the offensive. I despise Putin. What else can be done to get people’s eyes to open?”

What is Russia’s Motive for Invading Ukraine? Reddit

Human rights campaigner Marina Litvinovich encouraged Russians to take efforts to inform their adversary about the escalating violence. There is a video that has gone popular on social media, and it clearly shows Russian military helicopters flying over the Dnieper River, which is located on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, with Ukrainian counterfire.

Footage from Ukraine

The cameras also saw an attack on the ambitious military helicopter Hostomel. Russian soldiers have also been observed assaulting Ukraine using diverse resources such as land, sea, and air on a vast scale, which has resulted in a disastrous outcome.

Protesters in Russia have been detained.

An invasion of Ukraine is taking place in the midst of an unprecedented crackdown on Russia’s political opponents. Alexey Navalny, one of Russia’s top leaders, has been imprisoned as he leads the country’s largest protest. He was allegedly serving a two-and-a-half-year term at a prison camp outside of Moscow.


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