Trending News: Is American singer Selena Gomez Arrested?

Is Selena Gomez in Prison? The arrest of an American singer has been debunked:

A storey has been circulating on social media that Selena Gomez and her ex-boyfriend Bella Hadid are feuding. Several media outlets stated that Selena was involved in a probable feud with weekend’s new ladylove Simi Khadra, but Gomez debunked the allegations with a simple social media post.

Is Selena Gomez in Jail?

Selena Gomez stated that there is no heat between her and her ex after the reports arose. Rather, she posted a photo of the three pals hanging out on Instagram. The allegations started after Selena was seen kissing Simi Khadra this weekend and captioned a photo of herself with the remark, Simi and Haya Khadra, thereby shutting down the social media buss of possible tension over her ex since 2013. As a result, rumours began to circulate.

The pair is not in a relationship, according to the source. He is not officially committed to anyone and is dating someone else.

From January to October 2017, Gomez, 29, and the weekend, real name Abel Tesfaye, were dating. He is once again linked to supermodel Bella Hadid, with whom Khadra is said to be friends. Gomez praised her ex-boyfriend after their breakup, telling Billboard that she and the Weeknd were still together.

“I am really proud of it that we have such a true friendship,” Selena remarked in response to the rumour. I’d never known anything like friends, and it was all about encouraging and caring for one another. and for me, that’s quite remarkable (Selena said to Outlet).


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