Sylvester Stallone and Janice Dickinson ended their relationship.

Recent reports state that Sylvester Stallone and his wife Jennifer Flavin, who have been married for more than three decades, have separated. Jennifer filed for divorce and charged the actor with transferring assets from marital funds after hearing the news. Let’s not forget to mention their 25-year marriage. Additionally, it has been reported that Stallone recently had his Flavin portrait covered, which he once wore on his bicep. It is now known that the two have broken up and made their breakup official.

According to documents from the divorce that TMZ was able to obtain, Flavin claimed that she has reason to believe that the husband has intentionally wasted, depleted, or dissipated marital assets, which has had a negative financial impact on the marital estate. It is further stated that the wife receives an unfair distribution of the marital assets in her favor as payment and restoration of her rights. The husband should also be prohibited from giving away, selling, encumbering, transferring, or assigning any assets while the case is still pending.

Stallone has been active in the entertainment business for more than 50 years. Undoubtedly, the 76-year-old actor has experienced his fair share of heartbreaks. However, one of the most depressing moments in his love life may have been when he discovered that his daughter, Savannah, was not actually his. It’s true what you read. According to reports, Savannah was not his daughter, and it is safe to say that this was one of his most heartbreaking dates ever.

Stallone allegedly began dating Flavin in 1988. They got engaged shortly after starting to date. After meeting Janice, Stallone broke off his five-year engagement to Flavin. Janice even claimed to have given birth to Savannah at the time and to be Sylvester’s mother. Additionally, Savannah was given the actor’s last name at birth. After being engaged for a while, the couple broke up when it was discovered through a DNA test that Stallone was not the father.

In her autobiography, “No Lifeguard On Duty,” published in 2022, Dickinson also acknowledged that she had sex with three men in the previous week. Currently, rumours suggest that Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer have ended their marriage. The topic has generated discussion on social media and piqued the interest of the actor’s followers.


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