Singer Taylor Swift, Kanye West’s “Famous” full Call Was Leaked gone viral

A new piece of evidence has been brought to the table, four years after Taylor Swift and Kanye West’s feud began over his “Famous” lyrics.

A video of their phone conversation about the song was leaked in its entirety on the internet on Friday, and it appears to offer a new perspective on the situation that led to Swift’s year-long absence from the public eye and social media.

Kanye dropped his latest album, Yeezus, in April of 2016 “”I feel like Taylor and I might still have se**x / Why?,” he raps on “Famous.” That knucklehead became well-known as a result of my efforts.” Swift slammed the song for its disrespectful and misogynistic lyrics shortly after. Kanye and his wife, Kim Kardashian, fought back, claiming Swift approved the lines before the single was released and providing proof in the form of a Snapchat video of their conversation with Swift.

Taylor, on the other hand, claimed that she had not heard the entire song, telling fans on Twitter: “You can’t ‘approve’ a song unless you’ve heard it… It’s a character assassination to be falsely accused of lying when I was never told the whole storey or played any part of the song.” Meanwhile, a new video circulating on Twitter today appears to back up Swift’s claim.

Kanye asks Taylor to promote the song on her social media accounts at the beginning of the call. Taylor, perplexed, wonders why he requires her assistance. “It would be happening because it has a very controversial line about you at the beginning of the song,” Kanye explains, assuring her that the song is “so dope.”

Kanye West’s “Famous” full Call Leaked gone viral


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