Rumor: Amber Heard Joins OnlyFans To Make Money And Pay Johnny Depp

In order to pay the money she owes Johnny Depp, rumours have it that Amber Heard is taking drastic measures like joining OnlyFans.

Heard will still owe Depp $8.35 million in damages even if she decides to use the $2 million she won in her countersuit to offset the $10.35 million in compensatory damages she must pay. When the jury decided that Adam Waldman, Depp’s former attorney, had made untrue accusations against the actress, the actress was only given the money.

Apparently, the actress created an account on OnlyFans, according to a TikTok post from June 20. Celebrities continue to sign up for the platform as they attempt to monetize their NSFW images.

Additionally, the website features musicians and fitness experts.

Heard is credited with “doing the impossible” in the TikToker video that user @meachreacts21 posted.

According to a user, Amber Heard was recently seen shopping at TJ Maxx. “The reason this is impossible is because people are wondering why she’s shopping at TJ Maxx when she’s worth negative $6 million,” the user said, according to Marca. “How much does the subscription cost, by the way? Six million. Who else is on board with this, by the way? Scott Travis”

But in the end, the subscriber who was being used by the rapper cancelled and got a refund.

The user of TikTok uploaded screenshots to “prove” his claims. It was, however, immediately disputed.

Fact-checkers, according to Animated Times, found that the TikTok video only showed an OnlyFans page unrelated to Heard.

Twitter is one of those places where rumours have already started to spread. None, however, could substantiate a fabricated assertion.

Many people saw her at the outlet mall while she was there, despite the fact that her OnlyFans report was untrue.

By the New York Post, Heard was seen in the Hamptons. Heard, who was only dressed in a simple blouse and pair of pants for the event, appeared to be in serious financial trouble, just as her attorney Elaine Bredehoft had claimed.

To be fair, the lawyer acknowledged on the “TODAY” programme that Heard would be unable to pay the millions of dollars in damages.

But supporters believed she made up her TJ Maxx purchases to win people over.

Radar Online was told by a source that Heard freely disseminated the “paparazzi” images.

“On both of these sets of pictures, there is a telltale sign that, to me, seems to beg more questions than it answers. In order to increase sales to media outlets, a paparazzo or the paparazzo’s employer would be desperate to have their byline attached to the sets where these photos were taken “stated one.


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