Queen Elizabeth feels Prince William to be a better than Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth reportedly feels Prince William is a better fit to serve as her next heir, as compared to Prince Charles.

This revelation has been made by royal author Christopher Anderson.

In light of the rumors that Prince Charles was the one who speculated Archie’s skin color, the Palace and Queen Elizabeth feel it best to bypass Prince Charles from the line of succession entirely.

According to the findings by Express, “The general consensus is Charles is unfit to be king.”

The royal insider even went on to say, “This has been in discussion for quite some time, but recent events have shown palace officials that they have no other choice but to push for William to take over when the queen passes or abdicates.”

Especially considering the Queen’s health concerns, Palace aids are nudging to have things expedited.

The same source also admitted, “Palace officials are compelled to move things along,

” especially considering “The queen believes William should succeed her to the throne when the time comes. He is well-loved around the world and is simply a better choice for king.”

The father-of-three is also considered “wise beyond his years, level-headed, compassionate and has a lot of empathy for those less fortunate. Plus, he has the fortitude to withstand pressure and to carry out the ceaseless duties that fall to the monarch.”

But Prince Charles is less thrilled over the plot to overthrow his chance at a kingdom. Reportedly,

“He has always considered the crown his birthright. It’s hard for him to see this public clamor for William to leapfrog him, essentially even though he’s incredibly proud of his son.”

But at the same time,

“As bittersweet as it is for Charles to accept, there’s no disputing that William will be a wonderful king when the opportunity arises.”

“In the meantime, Charles is staying calm, carrying out his duties and hoping his recent issues will blow over. If not, he’s quite pragmatic and will accept the cards that come his way.”


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