How Prince Harry, Meghan failed security bid drags Prince Charles, Camilla

The application of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for police protection in the United Kingdom has uncovered a royal affair that stretches back more than 20 years. According to royal biographer Omid Scobie, Prince Charles secretly sought police security for Camilla Parker in a tweet. “THROWBACK: In May 2002, The Guardian carried a report claiming … Read more

Why Prince William, Kate reign is more important than Prince Charles

While Prince Charles is expected to take over once the Queen retires, it is stated that how Prince William and Kate Middleton take over would be more crucial. According to Royal Historian Ed Owens, the Duke and Duchess will play an important role once the Queen steps down. Queen Elizabeth II recently caused worry when … Read more

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William react on BBC documentary

Britain´s leading royals have united in a rare joint statement to criticise the BBC over a documentary that claimed a behind-the-scenes briefing war before Prince Harry and his wife Meghan quit frontline duties. “The Princes and the Press” dwelt on how Harry and his elder brother William handled the press as they rose to adult … Read more

Prince William wore £400 shoes to ‘No Time To Die’ premier

Prince William apparently wore a £400 pair of Arthur Sleepers black cashmere shoes (handmade in England) to the “No Time To Die premiere last night, said Rebecca English, British journalist associated with Daily Mail. The Duke of Cambridge his wife Kate Middleton, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla also attended the world premier of the James … Read more

Prince Harry preparing for a tense meeting with Prince Charles

Prince Harry is reportedly gearing up for a rather ‘tense’ meeting alongside Prince Charles. This claim has been made by royal expert Nick Bullen and during his interview with Us Weekly, he referenced Prince Charles’ growing desire to mend relationships with Prince Harry as well as their upcoming meeting. He was also quoted telling the … Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle cannot have their royal titles removed by King Charles.

Since Prince Harry and Meghan resigned from their royal duties, royal admirers have been calling for the removal of their titles. The couple’s detractors recently stated, “They were given the title at their wedding on the understanding that they would serve the monarchy as working royals. This title cannot be used for monetary gain on … Read more

Prince Charles’ approach to Queen Elizabeth is “strikingly different” than Prince Harry

According to reports, Prince Charles has chosen to make a “peace offering” to his son Prince Harry through his passionate speech about climate change, which is in “stark contrast” to Queen Elizabeth’s stance. This accusation was made by royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti, who told Us Weekly, “That’s certainly a shift from what the Queen did.” … Read more

Queen Elizabeth feels Prince William to be a better than Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth reportedly feels Prince William is a better fit to serve as her next heir, as compared to Prince Charles. This revelation has been made by royal author Christopher Anderson. In light of the rumors that Prince Charles was the one who speculated Archie’s skin color, the Palace and Queen Elizabeth feel it best … Read more

Prince Harry, Prince Charles’ relationship expected to get ‘worse’

It is anticipated that Prince Harry and Prince Charles’ relationship could become “worse”. Following the Duke of Susse**x and his wife Meghan Markle’s move to quit as senior members of the royal family, Prince Harry levied some serious allegations that his father had cut him off financially. In more recent times, Harry had accused his … Read more