PTI Maleeka Bokhari – Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Viral Video & Photos

Maleeka Bokhari Bio, Age

A politician from Pakistan named Maleeka Bokhari. Maleeka Bokhari, who is now 35 years old, was born in 1988.

Education by Maleeka Bokhari

Maleeka Bokhari, a politician, has a law degree. She has many years of experience as a lawyer.

Family of Maleeka Bokhari

With her family, Maleeka Bokhari resides in Islamabad. Her sister is younger. Her parents have always been very encouraging and supportive.

Maleeka Bokhari’s spouse and child

Married Maleeka Bokhari. She is fortunate to have a son.

PTI Maleeka Bokhari Physical Appearances

PTI Maleeka Bokhari is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 58 kilograms. Both Maleeka Bokhari’s hair and eyes are black.

Political Career of Maleeka Bokhari

Maleeka Bokhari began her career practicing law. She worked for more than ten years in Pakistan and the UK. She works for human rights as well.

She resigned from PTI in 2018 and ran for a reserved seat, winning. 2018 saw her appointed as the department’s secretary of law and justice. In April 2022, Imran Khan was ousted as Pakistan’s prime minister, and she was forced to resign.

Viral Video Scandal Involving Maleeka Bokhari

Social media users went crazy over an alleged Maleeka Bokhari video. It was a fake, edited video, she insisted. Maleeka’s fearless attacks on them on TV shows led PTI to blame the PML-N for it.

Maleeka Bokhari Video: The topic at hand is a trending social media video that is stirring up a lot of online controversy. Therefore, if you weren’t aware, this recently popular video is about Maleeka Bokhari because she just recently emerged and is spreading quickly online.

Complete Video of Maleeka Bokhari

In addition, she was selected by Prime Minister Imran Khan to serve as the Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Justice beginning on September 7. How come she received love and support from her supporters in addition to praise for her work and dedication, and now that this social media video has gone viral, she is now a part of LimeLight?

Video Explanation of Maleeka Bokhari

Because of this video, she has been the subject of considerable public interest. The public can watch a woman’s intimate videos and photos in this video, according to the sources, which is soon to be created. Many websites also assert that the woman in the video looks like her, but all of this is untrue and inaccurate information that has been spreading.

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