Prince Harry, Prince Charles’ relationship expected to get ‘worse’

It is anticipated that Prince Harry and Prince Charles’ relationship could become “worse”.

Following the Duke of Susse**x and his wife Meghan Markle’s move to quit as senior members of the royal family, Prince Harry levied some serious allegations that his father had cut him off financially.

In more recent times, Harry had accused his father of giving a Saudi billionaire royal honours in exchange for cash.

Considering these recent interactions, a panel on Palace Confidential podcast took note of how the duo’s relationship could be souring.

“I feel really sorry for Prince Charles,”

began the Mail’s diary editor Richard Eden.

“The Queen was always going to be an extremely hard act to follow, and there have been plenty of doubts about Prince Charles as King.

“He needs his sons to be supporting him and emphasising what a good monarch he would be, and instead he has Harry launching these brick bats from across the Atlantic.

“I think there will be worse to come.”

“I do worry that eventually, Harry will come out – perhaps after the death of his grandmother – and come out against the monarchy altogether. I think he’s probably holding his gunpowder for that moment.”


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