Model Bella Hadid expresses solidarity with hijabs Girl

Bella Hadid, a Palestinian-American model, is using her position to bring attention to the persecution faced by Muslim women who wear hijabs.

The 25-year-old supermodel took to Instagram to share a series of posts on some of the issues that Muslim women face throughout the world today. She also told the incident of Hoda, a teenage hijabi who had been assaulted.

“In other kinds of discrimination: I encourage France, India, Quebec, Belgium, and any other country in the globe that is discriminating against Muslim women to reconsider what decisions you have made or are going to make regarding a body that is not yours,” the model said in the caption.

She also criticised those who question women’s capacity to participate in sports or study while wearing a headscarf. “Most institutions would tell you that taking off your headscarf is the only way to acquire an internship.” It’s absurd and demonstrates how Islamophobic the world is without even realising it,” she added.

The model emphasised that in the twenty-first century, men should not be allowed to control women’s body-image decisions. “The egocentrics of a guy to believe, even for one second, that they have the legitimacy to make judgments for a woman in 2022 are not only comical, but genuinely ill in the mind,” she continued.

“Taqwa Bint Ali remarked to me, ‘You know, at the bottom of it all, all of this is really far deeper than Islamophobia; it’s pure se**xism and misogyny,” Hadid added, quoting and tagging a friend. ‘No matter the country or the period, males always seek to control what a woman does and wears.'” She concluded the message with a firm “it has to stop.”

The model also shared a photo taken by a friend with the caption, “Although different forms of the hijab and head coverings are starting to make an appearance in fashion, let’s remember the daily struggle, abuse, and discrimination Muslim women face on a regular basis because of their faith and what they stand for.”

In her third post, she requested justice for Hoda, a hijabi who had been attacked and mistreated.

In 2017, Hadid stated that she is a “proud Muslim” who always stands up for her “Muslim sisters.” She has spoken out against Islamophobia as well as Palestinian rights.


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