Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s divorce could be revealed by Mathew Perry.

According to rumours, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s divorce may be revealed by Friends star Mathew Perry.

According to a source, the actress is well aware of how much her Friends co-star knows about her Pitt predicament and is concerned that with Perry’s forthcoming book, all will be disclosed.

“He [Perry] hasn’t intimated that the book would include private data about anybody else,” one source stated. “But Jen knows Matthew will want a bestseller and, to achieve that, he’ll need to divulge as many juicy truths as possible.”

“And, as a witness to one of the most high-profile Hollywood splits in history, he knows it will be something everyone wants to know about,” the insider continued. People close to Jennifer, on the other hand, have sought to reassure her, saying that Perry would never betray her.

“She [Jennifer] is painfully aware that she hasn’t spoken to him in years, and that the tight link they once enjoyed has all but vanished,” they continued.

“So much has been published about me in the past,” Perry said of his planned book in an interview earlier this month. It was past time for them to hear from me, so I thought I’d let them know. The highs and lows were both extremes. However, despite appearances to the contrary, I have survived to tell the tale. And it’s all contained within these confines. “It’s not a pop-up book,” I apologise.


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