Is This Video of a Ukrainian Ace Pilot Real or Fake?

The battle between Ukraine and Russia is currently capturing the attention of the entire world. Everyone is concerned about the innocent lives that will be taken in this dreadful conflict, leaving countries with nothing but dead bodies. On social media, a number of hashtags related to the topic are trending.

In the midst of all of this, a Ukrainian ace pilot has made headlines for his inspirational narrative. There have been reports of a strange MiG-29 fighter flying over Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, to defend the country’s airspace against Russian aerial attacks. “Ghost of Kyiv” is the name of the pilot.

On social media, netizens have been sharing several clips of the Ukrainian jet pilot, with the pilot being referred to as “Ghost of Kyiv.” The pilot has become a big issue since the videos appeared online. Six Russian planes are said to have been shot down by the pilot. The internet is flooded with videos of the same scenario. The pilot has been dubbed the “first European ace since WWII” by many users.

For the uninitiated, an ace pilot is one who has shot down five or more planes in combat. The video was posted on Twitter by Visegrad 24, and it has over 8 million views. According to the user, the pilot is known as “Ghost of Kyiv” and was responsible for shooting down six Russian planes on Friday. He went on to say that the pilot was the first fighter ace of the twenty-first century as a result of this. According to another tweet, the pilot shot down two Russian Air Force Su-35s, one MiG-29, and two Su-25s.

Not just netizens, but also Ukraine’s previous president, Petro Poroshenko, took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the topic. Poroshenko said beside a photo of the pilot that he terrorises his adversaries and gives Ukrainians pride, adding that he had six victories over Russian pilots. With such powerful defenders, the former president said, the country would undoubtedly win. The identity of the pilot, however, has yet to be revealed.

Poroshenko’s post appears to be a ruse designed to raise public morale. It has been shown that the films circulating on the internet claiming to be of the pilot are bogus. Comrade Corb first posted the footage to YouTube. The film is from DCS, not the Ghost of Kyiv, according to the user. Regardless, after seizing control of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Russian troops are moving in on Kyiv.


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