Camila Cabello Flashes Her Super Strong Abs In An Underboob-Baring

Camila Cabello’s new album is out (congratulations, Camila!) She’s back on stage, and she’s rocking some incredible looks. Thankfully, the singer has also shared a few behind-the-scenes photos from a recent performance in California on Instagram, and the photos are absolutely stunning.

The 25-year-old singer is seen on stage in a truly epic outfit that includes chain-link gold roses covering her breasts and a glimpse of her strong abs in the photos. The entire ensemble flows into a long, semi-sheer skirt, and the result is absolutely stunning.

“@vevo ?????,”

She captioned the photo, possibly hinting at future performances (a tour, perhaps?!) Fans certainly hope so!

Camila has been working with celebrity trainer Jenna Willis for a few years, and the trainer recently shared videos of Camila doing some serious abs work on her Instagram Story. Camila uses her hands to walk herself into a plank position, then performs a push-up before walking back up.

Willis wrote on top, “Dig deeper baby.”

In November, Camila shared a series of hilarious Instagram photos of herself stretching with Willis and looking completely untidy. In the caption, she asked, “How’s YOUR Sunday?”

Camila is serious about her workouts, according to Willis. Squat hops, high plank shoulder taps, glute bridges, and other exercises are part of the circuits the two do together.

Camila also has a Spotify walking playlist that you can listen to whenever you want.

Camila has admitted that, thanks to her ex, Shawn Mendes, she has become more interested in vegetables in recent years. “Shawn has motivated me to live a healthier lifestyle… According to Hola, she previously stated, “I wasn’t healthy at all.” “I had never eaten any vegetables before. Cucumbers or cold carrots, for example, go well with Caesar salad. Which, to be honest, I wouldn’t call hard vegetables.”

Camila has spoken out about body image and body positivity in the past, including in a TikTok that went viral last year. When she went running, she said she didn’t have to hold anything in her stomach. “It’s so last season to be at war with your body,” she said.

She later told Bustle, “When I posted that, I actually felt so liberated.” “I went to the airport after that, and so many women approached me and said, ‘I saw that TikTok, and it really resonated with me.’ My body insecurities actually decreased after I posted that because I realised, ‘No matter what pictures come out or what people say, I’m now in charge of the narrative.'”

Camila, I adore it. ???


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