Why no one can strip Meghan Markle of her title despite

The real reason, no one from the Royal Family will be able to strip Meghan Markle of her title as Duchess of Susse**x, despite her having broken a promise with Queen Elizabeth has been unearthed.

This observation’s been made by Virginia-based royal expert Marlene Koenig during one of her interviews with Express UK.

“Meghan has a title by marriage [and] Harry has the title by creation,” Ms Koenig started off by explaining.

“In the UK, a wife shares her husband’s rank and title unless she has a higher rank – the sovereign or peeress in her own right.”

In regards to the question of Meghan Markle’s similarities with Prince Charles, the expert claimed, “Charles is heir to the throne. He uses his voice and his position for good – and should not be deemed political.”

“Meghan is an American citizen and she has the right to speak out whether she is a Miss Markle or the Duchess of Susse**x.”

At the end of the day, “Fighting for equality and for paid parental leave is not political – we need more voices.”

Thus, “She cannot be stripped of her title because it is not her title. Only an Act of Parliament can remove Harry’s peerages.”


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