What Kate Middleton’s fashion choices say about her

Kate Middleton’s design selections have kept heads turning during her decade-plus reign as a princess.

While she is known to change up her clothing, the Duchess of Cambridge has been seen wearing the same vivid colour again and over.

“Kate has gotten more and more sophisticated in her dress choices, and while she has never wanted the attention, she has learned how to live with being in the public eye and recognises it’s part and parcel of her marriage,” said behavioural expert Darren Stanton.

“Like Princess Diana, Kate has undeniably become a global fashion icon, especially when pictured conducting official royal duties.

“She often wears famous designers and interacts and mixes with the world’s biggest stars and celebrities, with her dress choices becoming increasingly bolder and more striking.

“Bold colours, sequins and slightly more revealing designs are a very good indicator that Kate now feels like she has found a true inner confidence in her role within the Royal Family and within her relationship with William, with the pair often portraying a power couple when on the red carpet together.

“Although Kate has always dressed quite regally, one colour that has featured heavily in her fashion choices is the colour red.

“In many photographs, Kate is pictured wearing a vibrant shade of red, with such a colour suggesting she is very confident in herself and self-assured.

“It is also a colour of passion and Kate seems to display a sense of mischief whenever she is wearing it.”


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