Watch: Samantha extremely amusing statement about SEX

Samantha, a South Hollywood actress who just divorced! Samantha was married to Nagarjuna’s son Naga Chaitanya, however they are now divorced! But, after 4 years, the actress’s s*e*x declaration has resurfaced, in which she stated that s*e*x is more important to her than eating!

In fact, when asked if s*e*x or food was her first choice, she initially hesitated to pick one of these alternatives, but then stated that s*e*x was her first choice! She also stated that she is prepared to live without eating food eventually!

Now given this statement-

Samantha said that

“she thought she would break down and die. But, as she realized she was going to live her life. With all the issues, she prides herself on being such a strong woman.” The Shakuntalam actress said, “I never knew I could come out of this. I’m proud of myself, because I never knew I was so strong.”

Samantha also noted that her divorce from Chaitanya had a negative impact on her mental health, but she found her own way to recover. Samantha will shortly begin work on two multilingual projects, one of which will be titled ‘Yashoda.’ Samantha has sworn that she will silence her naysayers only through her own hard effort.


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