Video of Kim Jong Un’s Missile Launch in North Korea Has Gone Viral

North Korea Missile Launch Video Goes Viral on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube

North Korea’s state-run television broadcasted an edited movie-like video of Kim Jong Un on Friday, March 25th, 2022. The video was broadcast a day after North Korea conducted a test-firing of what could be the country’s largest intercontinental ballistic missile. As the missile took off, Kim Jong Un was on the lookout, taking note of the launch and commemorating it. The movie-like video, which was shared on Twitter, has now gone insanely viral. The video’s cinematic background score and action-movie-style cut-throat edits contributed to the amusing content generated by cyber citizens.

Video of Kim Jong-Un

While some suggested that the video should have ended with a dance to the viral hit song Gangnam Style from 2012, others reacted with a slew of memes and jokes about various aspects of the video. We’ve gathered a few of the tweets in this blog.

“This seriously needs to be a mash-up video,” a Twitter user with the handle @colinza wrote. “Gangnam Style” came to mind as soon as I heard the first part.

“Bond film directors, are you watching?” one user wondered.

Do you remember the scene from James Franco and Seth Rogen’s film The Interview? In the parody film, the character who played Kim Jong Un was a huge Katy Perry fan, and this tweet perfectly justifies the missile’s name: “Katy 1” was the name of the rocket.

“It’s like a bunch of 14-year-olds have filmed themselves ‘being cool’ for some talent show audition,” wrote @PedroCabanna.

Explained in Video by Kim Jong Un

The launch came after the US and South Korean militaries announced that North Korea was preparing a flight of a new large ICBM first revealed in the month of October 2020.



In the video footage, the diminutive despot, dressed in gleaming leather and aviator shades, assumed a larger-than-life role in Pyongyang’s slick production as he oversaw the Hwasong-17’s first launch. As the hanger doors swing open to reveal the massive foreign ballistic missile, Kim is flanked by military officers, walking slowly and pointing.

On YouTube, a video of North Korea launching a missile has gone viral.

The video cut back and forth between Kim and the officers glancing at their watches—prior to the strongman removing his sunglasses. The “80s-inspired soundtrack speeds up as the video cuts back and forth between Kim and the officers glancing at their watches. He then gives a slight nod to begin the launch sequence by gazing into the camera. As the countdown begins, an officer yells into his phone, a soldier waves a flag, and a large number of rogue troops begin shouting in the command trailer.



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