Video of Kate Middleton being snubbed by a Jamaican lawmaker has gone viral.

On the significant social media platform Twitter, a humiliating video featuring has surfaced. Kate Middleton is seen in the video attending an event with Lisa Hanna, a well-known Jamaican politician who was previously Miss World. The video, which has gone viral, shows Kate Middleton sitting next to Hanna and attempting to converse with her, despite the politician’s clear avoidance of her. The entire incident was captured on video and shared on social media platforms. Find out more about how a Jamaican lawmaker dismissed Kate Middleton.

Jamacian politicians are clearly ignoring the Duchess of Cambride. Kate Middleton and Prince William attended a formal gathering at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica. 350 anti-colonialism activists turned out to demand an apology and reparations at the rally. In the midst of it all, Kate Middleton, dressed in a royal yellow gown, sat next to the politician and tried to greet her, but she turned her face away, indicating that she was uninterested.

All of the admirers and followers who have seen the video so far have expressed their opinions in various ways. Some of them, on the other hand, are making fun of Middleton, while others are criticising her for being extremely rude to the celebrity. Recently, one of the most talked-about topics has been the video. During the ceremony, the 40-year-old Duchess of Cambridge speaks politely, but Hanna gives the British royal family member the cold shoulder at one point. The video clip has gone viral.

Middleton is a member of the British royal family. Her full name is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton. With Pince, she has tied the knot. Catherine is the most likely future queen consort because William, Duke of Cambridge, is the second in line to the British throne.

On the other hand, Lissa Rene Hanna, a Jamaican politician who was crowned Miss World in 1993 at the age of 46, is a Jamaican politician. The well-known figure is thought to be the third Jamaican to win the championship. Now that the viral video has gone viral, both of the major personalities are grabbing attention.


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