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WATCH: A Video About Thermobaric Weapons Has Gone Viral on YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit:

In the midst of unsubstantiated rumours that the battle had already reached the centre of Kyiv, explosions from what Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called “horrific Russian rocket strikes” were heard in the Ukrainian capital on Friday. Residents reported seeing Russian tanks driving through their city, while gunshots and air raid sirens were heard in the capital, according to videos published on the internet. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky warned on Friday (February 25th, 2022) that Russia would try to “kill our resistance” over night in a speech.

Video on Thermobaric Weapons

According to the most recent assessment, Ukraine is currently being attacked with one of the world’s most lethal weapons capable of inflicting horrifyingly terrible wounds. It is one of the most ruthless battle weapons. It scavenges oxygen from the surrounding environment. The impact of the blast is only second to that of a nuclear weapon, and Russia is employing it against Ukraine. The armoured vehicle formations of Moscow are littered with self-propelled many rocket launcher systems (MLRs).

They are armed with a variety of harpoons, the majority of which are enormous displays of semi-guided rockets designed to demoralise a target. There are, however, a handful that are significantly more nefarious. They aren’t far behind their cousins in terms of rockets carried. Their missiles, on the other hand, are far more powerful. Their sole objective is to demolish defenders’ entrenched positions. Forts, bunkers, and caves are just a few examples of the types of structures that can be found in They work particularly well in cities.

On YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit, a video about thermobaric weapons went viral.

There are a few different names for it. A bomb that sprays aerosols. A vacuum bomb is a device that produces a vacuum. An explosive containing both fuel and air. The way it pulls oxygen from the surrounding air to create a high-temperature explosion is one of its distinguishing features. The massive shockwave lasts a lot longer than regular bombs. It can also suffocate underground bunkers by robbing them of all oxygen.

Rocket Launcher Thermobaric TOS-1

Mounted on a T-72 tank chassis are a 24-barrel multiple rocket launcher or a Soviet 220 mm 30-barre and thermobaric weapon. In open terrain, TOS-1 was meant to blast entrenched positions as well as lightly armoured vehicles and cargo.

Their technology is ruthlessly simple: a volatile mixture of vaporous fuel spreads out on contact, mixes with the environment, and then explodes in a high-temperature, oxygen-depleting blast. The majority of eruptions are explosive. The rather long blazing burst distinguishes these from the others. As a result, a vacuum effect occurs, sucking in all of the air from the ground level and causing a massive mushroom cloud to rise.

According to reports, the Thermobaric bomb video is going popular on the internet. According to the head of Britain’s military intelligence service, Russian forces wearing light armour are attempting to encircle Kiev. The “great majority” of Vladimir Putin’s troops are thought to be advancing on Kiev, which is only 50 kilometres (30 miles) away. According to local defence sources, some have moved into the city’s northern outskirts. So far, the Ukrainian Troops has fought the invading army valiantly, particularly in urban areas. Russian soldiers continue to push into Kiev along two axes, according to Lieutenant General Sir Jim Hockenhull.

Their mission is to encircle the capital, dominate the populace, and overthrow the government. Ukraine was being attacked by Russian forces.

Russia is still waging a war in Ukraine. Russia launched a series of coordinated attacks on targets in Kiev overnight, using rocket launchers near Chernihiv and Kharkiv. The Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to battle valiantly, focusing their efforts on safeguarding Ukraine’s biggest cities. According to Western diplomats, Ukrainians were fighting “deservingly” for their nation and were able to stop Russian soldiers from entering numerous major cities.

They feared that if Russian soldiers did not complete the operation on schedule and the Ukrainians retaliated, Putin would resort to using indiscriminate force. They also employ the deadly thermobaric bomb, which unleashes a torrent of explosive warheads on hostile forces. People in Ukraine and Russia are tense and concerned about what will happen in the coming minutes. They are very worried about their interpersonal relationships. There is a potential to overcome this if both presidents of the country can settle their differences; otherwise, it is unlikely. According to Western officials, Ukrainians are fighting valiantly for their country and have been able to block Russian soldiers in several cities.

The Russian government has referred to Kiev leaders as Nazis and drug addicts, and Western diplomats are unsure whether they are targeting Russian forces. NATO is in charge of this. More troops would be dispatched to Eastern Europe. The Russian government has no intention of deceiving the population. Following a virtual summit hosted by Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, a meeting with 30 leaders was held, and a common statement was issued. To stay up to date, bookmark this page.


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