The royal family is said to be “quaking in their boots”

The royal family is allegedly “quaking in their boots” as they are bracing themselves for more drama to unfold according to Prince Harry’s memoir.

Royal biographer Christopher Andersen told Newsweek that the family is anticipating “more chaos on the horizon”.

This comes after the palace was forced to make a rare public statement over the release of Andersen’s book Brothers and Wives, which detailed Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

“I’m sure they’re trembling in their boots,”

Andersen s?id.

“With the release of that book, there is ? huge risk of disaster.

“The Queen is 95 years old and suffering from a variety of ailments. The streamlined, slimmed-down monarchy is something that Charles has in mind.

“With Philip gone and the pandemic still raging and her reign drawing to ? close, the queen inevitably needed ?ll hands on deck and everyone in their places on that balcony, but instead you have chaos.

“As a result, I see more mayhem and hurt feelings on the horizon.”


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