The monthly spending of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will wow you.

Even after standing down as royals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue to live the high life.

According to royal analyst Daniela Elser’s blog for, the Duke and Duchess of Susse**x’s monthly spend for February alone totaled $1.2 million.

“Their spending for the month of February alone could top $1.2 million,” she wrote, “an eye-watering number even for two people whose preferred mode of transportation appears to be the private aircraft.”

After receiving a $188,952 “council tax” bill, the couple made the comments.

Legal and security fees are also included in the astronomically high prices, according to other estimates.

“Although these are stirring comments from a legal superstar, the cost of a top London silk might exceed $1300 per hour. That’s on top of whatever legal fees the Susse**xes have incurred since their application was filed in September of last year.”

Furthermore, the Susse**xes’ opulent lifestyle is believed to cost $4.5 million every year.

“They estimated that the couple’s security would cost over $4.5 million each year.” This, together with other expenses like their mortgage, is anticipated to cost them slightly over $6 million each year.

“If you round that down to a monthly sum, you’re looking at a minimum of $500,000.”

“If Harry loses his legal case over his bodyguards and has to pay the Home Office’s charges, their February home bills might exceed $1.2 million.”


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