Samantha explains why her divorce with Naga Chaitanya

It came as a shocker to all the fans and well-wishers when Samantha Ruth and Naga Chaitanya informed about their separation in early October. Samantha and Chaitanya announced in a joint statement that their nearly four-year marriage was over. She blasted allegations of her indiscretions and abortions a few days later, promising not to be crushed by the personal insults and attacks. Samantha Ruth Prabhu spoke up about the hateful comments she’s received since their split. She revealed that although she understood the frustration of fans, she felt the way it was conveyed could have been better.

Samantha talked about how her fans’ reacted and what the year ahead holds for her during her discussion with Film Companion. She expressed her immense gratitude for her fans. She talked about how she loves to give fans glimpses of her life and understood that it entailed inviting them into her life. She also said that the fans would be disappointed if her opinions and actions weren’t in line with theirs. She reasoned, saying, “Yes, they are going to troll and abuse you but then, disagreements happen even between friends and family, right?” However, she also expressed that while she did not expect ‘unconditional acceptance’, the fans could have communicated in a different manner.

She exclaimed about how she was overwhelmed by her fans’ hateful reaction. She informed that the fans alleged that she had affairs, didn’t want children, had abortions, and was an opportunist. She was extremely hurt.

“A divorce in itself is an extremely painful process. Let alone allowing me the time to heal. This attack on me personally, has been relentless.”

However, she promised that she wouldn’t allow any such thing to break her.

When asked about what she expected from the upcoming year, Samantha had a bleak response. She said that with everything that had happened in her personal life this year, she didn’t have any expectations.

“All my carefully laid plans have crumbled. I have no expectations, I am open to whatever the future has in store for me. I just know that I will give it my very best,”

she expressed.


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