Prince William, Kate Middleton praised for affection than Susse**xes

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been hailed for their decision to be “more subtle” in their love language than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

This claim shortly after the couple released black-and-white snaps straight from the Earthshot Prize Awards.

The claim was made by body language expert Judi James and according to Metro she was quoted saying, “‘This was such a groundbreaking event for William and Kate and it is telling that the photos they chose to go with it are some of the most romantic and intimate yet, showing a more ‘backstage’ view of the couple as they enjoyed the launch of their Earthshot awards.”

“The Cambridges have never been known for their PDAs and these are subtle compared to some of the loving body language and touch rituals of Harry & Meghan but the affection is clearly there and obviously strong between them.”

“Their eye contact is quietly admiring and flirtatious, with William looking back to speak to his wife as they burst through some double doors while she uses a smile and eye-gaze to signal affection.”

“Her arm slides around his waist in a gesture that is shot from behind the couple, making this a glimpse into what might normally be more hidden from view at royal events.”

“Her hand is laid with the fingers slightly splayed, suggesting support and a gentle reminder that she’s got his back. The gesture also seems to be one they use to communicate as her eye contact suggests full attention as he speaks.”

Before concluding she added, “This was a successful global event for the couple and their body language suggests they felt confident enough to share their more romantic side with the world as a result.”


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