Prince William, Kate Middleton facing ‘increasing difficulty’ in marriage

Prince William and Kate Middleton are reportedly at the cusp of a major marital difficulty according to speculations by royal experts.

This claim’s been made by royal author and biographer Katie Nicholl in a 2011 documentary named William and Kate Into the Future.

There she was quoted saying, “I think Kate pushed him into a corner. I think she wanted some more commitment. William was hard at work at the military, very busy – he had exams, training.”

“He was very involved with his military commitments. And I think at the same time it had become increasingly difficult for them to spend time together.”

“William would spend Monday to Friday at the barracks in Bovington, so his time was completely taken up with military commitments, and at the weekends he ended up staying up with his friends, his new Army pals. He didn’t want to back to London every weekend.”


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