Prince William and Kate Middleton both warned of the dangers of social media outrage.

Prince William and Kate Middleton, the much-loved couple of the Royal Family, have been warned about a major “off-limits” area on their social media accounts.

According to pop culture expert Nick Ede of, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are increasingly turning to Instagram to “control” their own “narrative.”

Politics, personal opinions, and sponsored posts, among other things, will be “off-limits,” according to the expert.

He continued by saying, “Politics, and any kind of personal opinion, I believe, will be off-limits. Anything that could be construed as an endorsement, in my opinion, must be handled with extreme caution. If it’s something sponsored, such as the Olympic games. They can’t be seen promoting a sponsored product.”

This follows Kate and William’s difficult Caribbean tour, during which they faced mounting calls for the Queen to step down as head of state.

Ede described social media as a “strong strategic way of communicating” that will become more useful as the couple “gets closer to becoming king and queen.” It will assist William and Kate in remaining “relevant,” particularly as the Royal Family grows smaller and more questions about the monarchy’s future are raised.


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