Prince Harry under fire for sharing allegedly ‘ridiculous’ career wisdom

Royal experts recently clapped back against Prince Harry’s allegedly ‘ridiculous’ career wisdom.

This claim has been made by Daniela Ezler, a Journalist and editor at the New Zealand Herald.

She called out Prince Harry’s

“biggest blunder yet”

in her latest opinion piece.

There she wrote,

“It is this man, a man with a startling paucity of real life experience, who is readily offering up career wisdom, something that makes about as much sense as asking Prince Andrew for dating advice or Prince Philip (back in the day) for driving tips.”

She also added,

“What the ‘joy of quitting’ brouhaha has done is strip away the veneer of his ‘Call me Harry’ knockabout bloke public persona and reminded the world that he is a man who up until last year lived off his father’s generosity and never had to pay an electricity bill in his life.”


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