Prince Harry to ‘shield Archie, Lilibet from trauma’

Experts recently weighed in on the possibility of Prince Harry keeping his children ‘completely out’ of the spotlight in a last-ditch effort to keep them from suffering from childhood trauma’ as he did.

This claim has been made by royal writer and biographer Christopher Anderson during his interview with Express UK.

There, the author of Prince Harry and Prince William’s biography Diana’s Boys admitted the Susse**x’s may choose a different route for their children, as was taken for them.

Mr Anderson was also quoted saying, “As the littlest Susse**xes get older they face the inevitable hounding by an intrusive paparazzi— photographers jumping out from behind bushes and parked cars and all that.”

“I’m sure Harry especially wants to shield them from that trauma as long as humanly possible so that his children can have something akin to the proverbial ‘normal’ childhood.”


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