Prince Harry plans to release his memoir Earlier

Sources claim Prince Harry is looking to release his memoir “sooner” due to Queen Elizabeth’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Royal publisher and historian Andrew Lownie made this claim during his interview with Express and was quoted saying, “I’m sure there’s something being lined up, they can’t have their foot on the pedal the whole time.”

“He’s got his book about to come out, these things are being developed, so I suspect they are not sitting on their laurels.”

“My own feeling is that the book will come out sooner [than the platinum jubilee], that’s just a feint to put people off the trail and the book will be out by Christmas.”

“It’s already written so why would you wait? They’ll go for the Christmas market, it’s written, it’s ready to go. I would have thought that they want to strike now as quickly as they can.”

Before concluding he added, “What’s the advantage of waiting? The publishers will want to get their money back too. Why would they wait another year when they’ve put down so much money? They want to get a return. A book will come out this year.”


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