Prince Harry, Meghan’s neighbours want nothing to do with them

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle momentarily lived in Canada after which they decided to settle in the US.

Having settled in Montecito, California the Duke and Duchess of Susse**x have been enjoying their life away from their royal duties, which they had given up when moving.

However, it seems that the Susse**xes’s neighbours want complete isolation from them as royal commentator Lady Colin, also known as Lady C, spoke on her YouTube channel about the topic.

“Last night, I was at something in London with some very very famous stars who have a place in Montecito. And of course, Meghan and Harry’s names came up,” she said.

“And they told me what I have been told by other friends of mine, who know the Montecito scene or have places in Montecito.

“And the billionaires don’t want to touch them, nobody wants to touch them.”


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