Prince Harry, Meghan criticized over magazine cover

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s article in the Times has come under fire for being “utterly and completely undeserved.”

It all started during a conversation between GB News presenter Dan Wootton, and royal editor Robert Jobson.

Mr Wootton started the entire conversation and was quoted saying, “It’s just what you’d actually expect from the Montecito mansion and publicity machine in California.”

He also added, “I just hated it, I didn’t like it at all, and I don’t know what Time magazine’s doing, what are they celebrating them for?”

Shortly thereafter Mr Jobson chimed in and admitted, “I don’t know, when I looked at the photograph it looks like [Prince Harry’s] head is floating.”

“I think he’s wearing… they’ve got the dress wrong in that sense. But you know it’s inevitable, they’ve got a very big team behind them, a lot of money behind them, and they’re going to be pushing it.”

“I was surprised Time magazine, which is a respected magazine over the years, bought into this nonsense really. Because [the Susse**xes] told us when their little girl was born and they’re going to take time off.”

“They haven’t done an awful lot apart from sign big-money deals and I haven’t seen them produce anything.”

“Apart from a couple of videos of him juggling in the background so I’m quite surprised that they fall up to this but suppose just gives them a cover, gives them a talking point.”


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