Prince Harry into a ‘ballistic frenzy’ unearthed

Prince William’s words that sent Prince Harry into a ballistic frenzy have finally been unearthed by a royal source

Royal sources have finally stepped forward to shed light on the words Prince William used to send Prince Harry into a ‘ballistic frenzy’.

For those unversed, the conversation arose during the early days of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship.

According to a source by The Telegraph, Prince William once turned to the side and asked Prince Harry, “Are you sure about this?”

At that moment, the source claims Prince Harry “went ballistic and said: ‘You’re trying to wreck this relationship before it’s even started.’”

Other sources also admitted that neither Prince William nor Kate Middleton “make Meghan feel particularly welcome” when she initially moved into the country.

One insider sat down with the outlet and explained, “You have to remember that Kate and Harry were always very close too.”

“It wasn’t a rivalry between the brothers but more a sense that they would be competing over who would lead on their various issues.”


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