Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – Still “trying to find their place in the world,”

Sharon Osbourne claims that since moving to America after resigning from their positions as senior royals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been “totally lost.”

On Piers Morgan’s Uncensored, Sharon spoke with the host and said: “I believe they are totally lost and are attempting to locate where they belong in the world. In the space of one minute, they can be creating a cartoon, followed by a documentary about them, and finally, a world-saving endeavour.”

Recently, the parents of two came under fire in the most recent edition of Tom Bower’s biography of the monarchy, which is what initially sparked Piers and Sharon’s conversation.

The 57-year-old former Good Morning host said the new book paints a “pretty awful picture” of the pair, and he has never hidden his feelings for them over the years.

Then Piers turned to face Sharon and posed the following query: “What do these two seem like to you? Where are they at right now?”

As a result of their ongoing “efforts to find their place in the world,” the former X Factor contestant acknowledged she believes the couple to be “totally lost.”

They appear to be searching for their place in the world, according to Sharon, who told Piers that she believed they were completely lost. They’re creating a cartoon one moment, a documentary the next, and then they’re defending the planet at the end of it.

The wife of rock icon Ozzy Osbourne continued, “I really think that they just haven’t found their path in life yet. They’re lost, they’re floundering,” Piers began, before he was interrupted: “But should they be allowed to use the royal titles to fleece the system, make all this money, and pretend to be like a rival Royal Family?”

She declared: “I just don’t – I haven’t been into the fact that talking about private things that happened in the Royal Family from day one.


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