Omayr Waqar responds appropriately to Sana Javed’s legal notice.

Makeup artist Omayr Waqar has responded appropriately to actress Sana Javed’s legal notice for defaming her reputation online.

Several Dunk actresses claimed on social media that working with her was a “horrible” experience. Javed allegedly misbehaved with the majority of them on set or while getting her makeup done, according to the majority of them.

Javed responded by filing a formal complaint with the Financial Institutions Authority (FIA). Their social media posts, she claimed, were about her and were part of a “proper smear campaign” against her.

After actor Sana Javed issued a defamation notice to him, makeup artist Omayr Waqar has responded with a counter legal notice. On his Instagram account, he shared pictures of the notice.

It all began when Manal Saleem, a model, posted on her Instagram account about a bad work experience she had with Javed. “Requesting all clients not to ask me to shoot with any actress/celebrity ever again,” Saleem had written at the time. They believe we are “do takay ki [two bit] models” because of our arrogant attitudes. On my face, you’ve got the audacity to say that! We’ve come here to work, not to be insulted for nothing.” Her Instagram storey has since ended, but it can still be found in her highlights section.

Since then, there have been more allegations of inappr**opriate behaviour. Wajid Khan, a well-known makeup artist, recently claimed that Javed had him replaced during a shoot. Rather than playing games with people, he believes the actress should concentrate on her acting.


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