Cricketer Shoaib Malik – Age, Education, Family, Wife & More

Exploring the Past: Ayesha Siddiqui and Shoaib Malik's Marriage Before Sania Mirza

Shoaib Malik: The Cricket Maestro’s Journey Unveiled Early Life and Family: On a chilly day in Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan, Shoaib Malik was born on 1st February 1982, into the loving embrace of Malik Saleem Hussain and Sultana Malik. The bustling city would be witness to the rise of a cricket legend. Shoaib’s younger brother, Adeel … Read more

Sana Javed’s appearance in the ‘Rang Rasiya’ Eid Campaign is cancelled.

Last week, actress Sana Javed made headlines after a number of media personalities chastised her for her attitude issues. After Manal Nadeem, Omyr Waqar, Ikram Gohar, Rhyan Thomas, Anila Murtaza, Wajid Khan, Hanish Qureshi, and others made shocking revelations about Sana Javed’s obnoxious behaviour on set, the issue quickly became a “Hot Topic” on social … Read more

Sana Javed is replaced by Urwa Hocane in the Rang Rasiya Eid campaign.

Urwa Hocane, the new face of the clothing brand ‘Rang Rasiya,’ has been revealed. Sana Javed had previously been cancelled by the clothing brand due to the ongoing controversy. The Brand reportedly misbehaved with Manal Nadeem during a shoot with Javed, calling her a “Do Takkay Ki Model.” The Dunk actress was removed from the … Read more

Omayr Waqar responds appropriately to Sana Javed’s legal notice.

Makeup artist Omayr Waqar has responded appropriately to actress Sana Javed’s legal notice for defaming her reputation online. Several Dunk actresses claimed on social media that working with her was a “horrible” experience. Javed allegedly misbehaved with the majority of them on set or while getting her makeup done, according to the majority of them. … Read more

Who is Sana Javed

Sana Javed is a well-known Pakistani actress who was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on March 25, 1993. Find more about Sana Javed’s work, age, family, pictures, biography, and more. Learn about Sana Javed’s major achievements and accomplishments. Date of Birth 25 March 1993 Birth Place Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Residence Islamabad, Pakistan Profession Actress Education … Read more

Actress Sana Javed is stunning at the Jeeto Pakistan League

For the next two days, Sana Javed will make a stunning debut in the Jeeto Pakistan League. Because she is a member of a squad in Jeeto Pakistan (Islamabad Dragons). However, there is speculation on social media that she has been wearing extremely fine clothes for two days but has not worn a dupatta despite … Read more

Actress Sana Javed is supported by Pakistani celebrities.

In a time when many members of the media are making strange revelations about Sana Javed, who has become a social media sensation in recent days due to her rude behaviour toward fellow artists, some celebrities have stepped forward to defend the actress. After the Dunk actress was chastised by showbiz make-up artists, stars from … Read more

Sana Javed files a lawsuit against fellow artists who accuse her of bullying.

Sana Javed, an actress, has decided to sue over allegations of mistreatment and bullying of fellow showbiz stars. On her Instagram account, the actress shared the news and revealed that she had filed a complaint with the FIA. “In the past 72 hours I’ve been subjected to all sorts of lies and fabricated stories, bullying, … Read more

Sana Javed’s attitude problem is revealed by make-up artist Rhyan Thomas.

Following in the footsteps of model Manal Saleem and make-up artist Omayr Waqar, celebrity stylist Rhyan Thomas has discussed actress Sana Javed’s attitude issue. Celebrity, fashion, and makeup artist Rhyan Thomas took to social media with a series of rants against the actress’ bad attitude, just a day after famous architect, art director, and model … Read more