Meghan Markle’really struggled’ with the loss of social media accounts.

Meghan Markle allegedly struggled when she was forced to give up all of her social media accounts.

Neil Sean, a royal specialist and pundit, revealed this revelation on his personal YouTube channel.

There he claimed,

“Meghan really struggled with the removal of her social media. She really liked to interact on that and she also had The Tig blog.”

“The big problem was that she wasn’t allowed to have a very political voice. Harry did try and explain the reasons that politics and royalty do not mix.”

“As we all know, the royals are not allowed to vote or speak about current Government policies. Meghan spoke to quite a few people at length over how and why she wasn’t allowed a political voice.”

Before concluding he also claimed,

“This all makes perfect sense moving forward when Meghan, as soon as she left, quickly decided to get involved in debates and activism.”


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