Meghan Markle shocked on reaction to US policy plea

Meghan Markle has reportedly been left ‘red-faced’ over the reaction her US policy plea ignited among social media users and policymakers.

This news has been brought forward by royal biographer Angela Levin and during her interview on TalkRADIO, she was quoted saying, “She’s also trying to get a policy put through of parental leave, for the Government to pay parental leave when it’s already gone through actually.”

“The thing they haven’t decided is how long each family can use it for. She sort of jumped on the bandwagon as she often does so she can claim it was her letter ‘that done it’.”

Ms Levin also added, “I think it’s yet another shock for Megan which has got loads of publicity, which is obviously one aim of it.”

“She has abused the royal thing of being a British royal or, you know, working as a British royal because she’s actually trying to tell another government what to do.”

“The heading on the paper is the office of the Duke and Duchess of Susse**x Yeah, which is definitely an abuse.”

“The other thing is she takes on different types, you know, she becomes a sort of young sort of guru, saying that she understands how these families feel she’s representing the families, how does she know that I mean this is Megan taking the global view again.”


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