Meghan Markle has slammed the door on UK forever

Meghan Markle may never return to the UK, says royal expert Robert Jobson, dismissing all rumours of the Susse**xes visiting the royal family for Christmas.

The author of Philip’s Century: The Extraordinary Life of the Duke of Edinburgh told Us Weekly he’s not expecting a visit from the Duchess of Susse**x to the UK, not now, not… ever?

“I’m not sure Meghan will ever come to Britain again,” Jobson said. “She’s not popular [right] now.”

“We have to wait and see,” he told the outlet. “Harry, I’m sure he thinks he’ll be there for the [Platinum Jubilee]. … But you’ve got to remember that within months, he’s going to have a book coming out. … It’s gonna be quite awkward.”

Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Susse**x are rumoured to visit the UK on Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.


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