Meghan Markle ‘feeling pressurised’ Kate Middleton gets on a big cover

Experts speculate Meghan Markle is feeling the pressure as Kate Middleton lands a spot in US magazine during her 40th celebrations.

This claim has been made by royal author and biographer Daniela Elser in her new piece for

There she wrote, “Just in case anyone’s counting, this is the Duchess’ fourth-star turn on the front of the glossy entertainment magazine in the last 12 months, including her second solo outing.

“Here’s the kicker: Meghan, the Duchess of Susse**x? During one of the biggest years of her life including one in which she accused the royal house of institutional racism and ignoring her pleas for help when her mental health suffered, when she welcomed her second child and when she launched her post-Megxit career? Not a single cover of just her.”

Before concluding she wrote,

“While the cover of People is hardly the most precise of barometers of public standing and approval, what Kate’s continued appearance, and Meghan’s lack of star billing, casts a less-than-sparkling picture of the Susse**xes’ Stateside campaign to establish themselves as dazzling public figures.”


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