Meghan Markle falls out of favour with Fashion Houses

Lady Colin Campbell, who has published eight books about the British royal family, said Meghan Markle has fallen out of favour” with some of the “top line couturiers”.

In her latest YouTube video, she said “Meghan would have been somebody who the designers wanted to work with because she’s a good looking woman and she is high profile.”

She added, “She is slim and an attractive woman. So of course when she was flavour of the month, they would have wanted to dress her and did want to dress her.”

Lady Colin Campbell said “Not so much anymore, at least not the top of the line couturiers,” she added in her latest YouTube video.”

Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry moved to the United States after stepping down from their royal duties to live financially independently life.

The couple recently welcomed their second child, a daughter, in the US.


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