Meghan Markle facing major re branding dilemma

Meghan Markle has reportedly come at the cusp of a dilemma and has ‘forced’ the royal to ‘alter her Netflix voiceover plans after the Obama birthday snub.

This claim has been made by royal commentator Neil Sean and during his interview with Express he was quoted saying, “What they really hope to do is get big voice-over names.”

“Now Michelle Obama was one that Meghan Markle was very keen to sign up but that went through the pan when they didn’t get an invite to that spectacular 60th birthday for the former President.”

“I’m not saying Michelle’s now on the back burner but let’s put it this way, the present hasn’t been delivered yet and I kid you not.”

“Now they’re casting their eyes around to see who else they could really connect with and one of the ideas would be their friend for now, loosely speaking, the chat show queen Oprah Winfrey.”


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