Meghan Markle claims she has been “cleared” in the Palace bullying controversy, but the royals are silent.

Even though Buckingham Palace confirmed on June 29 that it will not be making the investigation’s findings public, Meghan Markle is reportedly “pleased” with them. The investigation was launched after allegations that she had bullied royal staff.

Meghan is a fair boss and has never used intimidation against anyone who worked for her at the Palace, a source who spoke on behalf of Meghan and Prince Harry told Us Weekly.

“She’s relieved that the false accusations against her have been disproven. She and Harry are eager to put the incident behind them and are contently resuming their lives in Montecito, the insider continued.

This comes right after the Royal Family decided not to release the details of the bullying investigation, which is said to have demoralised Harry and Meghan.

The couple is disappointed that the review of the investigation’s findings won’t be made public, a source close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex added to Us Weekly.


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