Meghan Markle ‘on track’ to release her own talk show

Meghan Markle is reportedly gearing up to release her very own talk show following her inspiring chat with Ellen DeGeneres.

The bombshell claim regarding her plans has been brought forward by NBC royal correspondent Neil Sean.

On his own personal YouTube channel, he was quoted saying, “It appears that Meghan Markle was inspired after she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show so much so that she had offers for small screen appearances.”

“Now I’m not quite sure how this would work out. But, of course, when you look at the world of television, now they’re looking for anybody who can give them a rating.”

“According to the very good source, Meghan has her very own strict ideas about what she would consider to do for her return to the small screen.”

“Well, the plan basically centres on the fact that she wouldn’t want to do an Ellen DeGeneres type show that is entertainment, celebrity chat, that sort of thing, but more informal discussion and there’s ever we always have to say, allegedly with political and great leaders, entrepreneurs, business people, people like that.”

He also went on to say,

“She feels that she could connect with them and of course, put their story over in a more succinct way.”

“Now, whichever your thoughts or whatever you’re thinking about that particular idea, someone somewhere, particularly in America will give her a big deal to make a show like that.”

“Whether that’s part of a rolling news channel as an hour segment once a week or indeed a standalone series, trust me, someone will be interested.”

“But I often look back at these things and wonder how they think this money is well invested.”

“If you recall, a few years back, Fox TV decided to give a chat show to Kris Jenner, the matriarch for the Kardashian clan. They spent millions on that particular series, they created a home from home set, which was 1000s in the making, and guess what, nobody watched.”

Before concluding he also claimed,

“They could make something of a success of the planed TV series, Meghan Talks.”


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