Meghan Markle’s UK trip under question

Meghan Markle’s UK return has come under question as experts hint towards major decline in popularity

Experts recently weighed in on a recent decline in popularity Meghan Markle has been experiencing, as well as the possibility of her ever returning to the UK in light of it all.

This claim has been made by Royally Us podcast host Robert Jobson and during his interview appearance he was quoted saying, “I’m not sure Meghan will ever come to Britain again, she’s not popular here now.”

“The idea of her standing next to the Queen, doting on the Queen, when you’ve got a book coming out in which you’re going to spill more dirty linen in public does seem a little hypocritical.”

“We’ll have to wait and see. I’m sure Harry thinks he’ll be there for the 70th – the Platinum Jubilee. But you’ve got to remember that within months he’s going to have a book coming out.”

For those unversed, these findings have been taken from a YouGov pol where Meghan Markle ranked as the 13th most popular royal, with an approval rating of barely 32%.


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