Meghan and Harry are made for each other

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s are a match made in heaven, celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly revealed.

After studying the couple’s individual charts, Kelly said during the latest episode of People TV’s Celebrity Astrology Investigation, the Duke and Duchess of Susse**x have chemistry that couldn’t be more astrologically perfect.

The pair are “so cosmically connected, it’s crazy, it’s powerful, it’s magical,” she said.

Markle, 40, is a Leo Sun, Cancer Rising and Libra Moon, which means that she cares deeply, and yearns to feel protected and stable.

“She … has this natural maternal energy and this concept of feeling nurtured is paramount for her,” Kelly explained.

Her Cancer Rising means that “protection is what her Rising sign needs and her Leo Sun gives that to her “through the help of “warmth and hospitality.” Markle’s Libra Moon shows that she is fair and balanced, and does not stand injustice.

Meanwhile, Harry, 37, is a “triple Earth Sign king” with a Virgo Sun, Capricorn Rising and Taurus Moon. According to Kelly, that means he is “stable, he is grounded, he values security and appreciates structure.” But there are parts of his chart that he spent years being unable to access, like deep emotional experience and the meaning of his life, until he met Markle.

“The introduction of Meghan into his life opened his eyes because Meghan comes from such a different background,” Kelly added. “He started to see the world from a different point of view; this exposed his chart to a different perspective … He didn’t have the scope to access his full potential without Meghan.”

“Capricorn is the opposite of Cancer, so [Harry’s] mom’s Sun sign activates the area of his chart that represents partnership, meaning his relationships are portals into understanding his mother,” Kelly said, adding that he has learned more about his late mother through his relationship with the Duchess.

“He actually, through Meghan, has been able to cultivate a really meaningful relationship with his mom, even though she is no longer Earth-side,” she said.

“Sure, [their marriage is] creatively fulfilling as well, but theirs is a relationship for healing, for soul work, for going deeper into self and truth and purpose,” she points out. “They were both waiting for someone to help them and see them and validate them, and that’s what makes these two charts so important together.”

“The root of their relationship is safety and security, but through healing and very, very honest, authentic work that deviates from the status quo, their charts go beyond compatibility – they are redefining legacy,” Kelly summed up.


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