Kristen Stewart’s Princess Diana has made Prince Harry uncomfortable.

Prince Harry is attempting to avoid actor Kristen Stewart, who played the royal’s late mother, Princess Diana, in the new film.

According to OK Magazine, Kristen’s dark role in the film has upset both Harry and Meghan Markle, who are now planning to avoid the star at upcoming award shows.

“It’s struck a sour note with Harry. He’s pretty appalled by the film,” spills the source.

Harry, 37, and Markle, 40,

“have been invited to all the big events and planned on attending the Oscars too, but they’d almost certainly come face-to-face with Stewart since she’s a lock for a best actress nomination,”

adds the source.

Meghan however

“figures they can just ignore Kristen or be briefly polite, but Harry’s not one to be fake, and his nerves are still raw,” continues the source. “He’s actually thinking about skipping the Oscars, but Meghan really wants back into the Hollywood scene.”


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