Imran Khan’s Blue Shirt Trend Sparks Viral Sensation!

The Supreme Court administration has launched an inquiry into the widespread dissemination of a photograph featuring Imran Khan, the prominent figure behind Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), during his virtual appearance from Adiala Jail in connection to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) amendments case. The emergence of this image on various social media platforms has prompted concerns regarding its origins and potential violation of courtroom regulations.

Imran Khan’s Virtual Appearance:

Imran Khan’s participation via video link from Adiala Jail was a significant event amidst the ongoing legal proceedings related to the NAB amendments case. However, the unauthorized circulation of a photograph capturing this moment has raised questions about adherence to courtroom protocols and decorum.

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Breach of Courtroom Etiquette:

The dissemination of the photograph has highlighted a possible breach of established courtroom rules and etiquette. Traditionally, the recording or sharing of visual content during judicial proceedings is strictly prohibited to uphold the integrity and impartiality of the legal process.

Commencement of Investigation:

In response to the viral spread of the photograph, the Supreme Court administration has initiated an investigation into the matter. The primary objective is to identify the individual responsible for capturing and sharing the image, leveraging surveillance footage from CCTV cameras within the courthouse premises.

Police Intervention and Identification:

Law enforcement agencies have been enlisted to assist in the investigation, leading to the identification of the individual accountable for leaking the photograph of imran khan. Through meticulous analysis of CCTV footage, authorities have traced the origin of the image to a subordinate clerk employed at the Supreme Court.

Impending Action Against Perpetrator:

The Supreme Court administration is poised to take decisive action against the perpetrator involved in the unauthorized dissemination of the photograph. Given the breach of courtroom regulations and the potential ramifications for legal proceedings, disciplinary measures are imminent against the implicated lower-ranking staff member.


The emergence of Imran Khan’s Blue shirt HD photograph during his virtual appearance from Adiala Jail has triggered an inquiry by the Supreme Court administration, signaling a potential breach of courtroom protocols. This incident underscores the imperative of upholding established regulations to preserve the sanctity and fairness of judicial proceedings. As efforts to ascertain accountability progress, it serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges posed by modern technology to conventional courtroom decorum and privacy standards.


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